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The Recruiting Office is a group of recruiting professionals committed to coming-soonfulfilling your organization’s staffing needs and expectations with the highest quality of service, effectiveness, and efficiency. Our company specializes in recruitment and placement of talented professionals in the financial services and banking industries, accounting and risk management fields, and areas of operation and administration.

The Recruiting Office team is passionate about helping individuals meet their career goals and objectives while strengthening an organization’s profits, productivity and efficiency through recruitment of highly qualified candidates.

TRO is keenly adept at the development and execution of recruiting programs encompassing workforce planning, sourcing, cost analysis, and recruiter training. These services include interviewing and hiring strategies producing accurate candidate selection and acquisition processes resulting greater retention and lower turnover rates.

Our experience in the world of corporate recruiting helps us to target the talent you need to be successful in reaching your company’s goals and objectives, ultimately increasing your bottom line. We understand the urgency you have to fill positions and are engaged 100%, 24/7!

Our staff’s strategic and forward thinking approach combined with our knowledge and experience meet your greatest demands and commit to delivering an unmatched business experience!

A Winning Professional Opportunity Awaits!

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